EQuip to Lead

The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Intelligence


If you want greater influence at work, if you want to be the leader people want to work with and follow, there is no more valuable resource than EQuip to Lead. Filled with real-world insights for increasing awareness of your own strengths and blind spots, you are guided with practical, immediately applicable techniques for engaging, coaching, or even challenging co-workers.

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DISCAs an Authorized Partner of Jill Hickman Companies, Mike Lejeune is able to offer a range of DISC® products. DISC-based corporate training and assessment solutions help people at any level of an organization or industry effectively understand themselves and others. By establishing a common language that elevates the effectiveness of communication and teamwork, DISC can help strengthen relationships, improve productivity, and lead to better workplaces.




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A Father's Love

A Father’s Love

The generational bridge that changes hearts forever.


Journey with Mike and Nikki as they open doors to show the importance of how a father’s love profoundly impacts his children.
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MP3s with Updated Text

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Generate The Business and Income You Want


Have you ever got to the end of a week of heavy calls without much to show for the effort? Making calls IS important – but more important than the number of dials is your daily gameplay to create the exact results you’re aiming for.