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Tired of talking head webinars? Me, too!

Online programs should be more than a voice played over a slide deck. I think learning should be an engaging experience, not a spectator sport. My 5 part methodology ensures your members will be eagerly anticipating what will happen next.






My 5 Part Methodology Holds Your Members’ Attention:



1) I deliver high content with specific actionable items.


Practical techniques and strategies that can be immediately implemented generating valuable results now rather than later.




2) I am known for being highly motivational and inspirational.


As one of eSpeakers’ Certified Virtual Presenters, you can count on my programs to inspire your members to want to accomplish more, in new and different ways. My techniques are shared in a manner that your members will see for themselves how to take risks easier and quicker by stepping out of what is comfortable into new behaviors that make a practical difference faster than some may have imagined possible.



3) I guarantee to be fun and entertaining.


Minds are engaged when there is a smile on the face. Since I know I am going to be having fun, the neurological mirroring that causes everyone to get excited when watching sports or emotional when watching a movie will also happen when your audience is watching me. My sense of excitement about the value of what I share is contagious.



4) My virtual program is customized to deliver uniquely crafted topics specific to your organization’s needs.


Rather than have your members staring at a PowerPoint deck, I utilize high-resolution graphics and video, create dialog with engaging and interactive Q & A sessions and chat rooms. Small group discussions happen in breakout rooms designed to immediately process and apply the material presented, reinforce positive peer pressure apply concepts to real-world examples, and generate relevant questions and concerns that I address during the program. I customize beforehand, but I am also responding proactively throughout the program to the audience’s participation.



5) I create relevant and dramatic images in your members’ minds.


I believe in speaking to what is referred to as “The Mind’s Eye”. Everyone processes information by converting what we hear to images. We think in pictures, not words. I share real-world, dramatic stories your members can easily imagine about leadership, recruiting and business development to make the material come alive in ways that generate improved personal application.

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I’ve conducted virtual workshops that range from 1500+ attendees in 43 counties to intimate customized programs for companies with 5-7 employees to rave reviews, as well as one-on-one coaching and strategy sessions.



Call me now 713-906-7151 and let’s brainstorm the many ways I can facilitate your team on a customized, virtual, interactive journey that creates immediately implemented action that meets your needs, goals, and objectives in one of the most actionable, entertaining, customized, engaging and dramatic ways possible.



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