A Father’s Day Reflection on the Most Important Gift You Give

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You would think the scoreboard would indicate how successful a professional football team is. “That’s only part of the equation” explained Jamie Roote, President of the Houston Texans. We were discussing what it took to build world-class high-performance teams. “One of the key questions we ask ourselves is are we creating memorable moments?” His belief is each week not only the players, but also everyone from the parking lot to the front office is responsible for what fans experience.


As Father’s Day approaches, I started reflecting on the importance of memorable moments in all aspects of our lives.


My dad, Joe, loved taking his grandkids to the farm. One day, out of curiosity he asked one of my nieces, Amanda, (who is now has a household with five kids) if she had a special memory from adventures on his farm. She went into great detail of the special swing Dad made for her and the other young ones in the family. Now, this was a unique swing

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Seasons in Life



After my mom, Carrie, passed away at the end of April, it shocked the system. It sent me into a very reflective state, trying to process this new season. Her absence created a sense of uncertainty for the future that I’ve never experienced before in this manner. Consider this as you weigh whatever season you are facing.


Seasons in Life


Seasons in life. In my time of reflection, I look back on my “seasons.” This is a new season for me. Its newness causes discomfort as I am filled with uncertainty of the future.


Yet hasn’t every season been filled with uncertainty?

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What Interview Question do You Find Provides the Most Insightful Information?




We invite a complete stranger into our office to answer thought provoking questions designed to provide insight into their psyche. The interview process is constructed to help us match talent or skill to need, wants to what can be offered, personality to culture.  In December I posted a survey to ask for favorite interviewing questions Leaders like to use that stimulates conversation, opening up insight to matching the ideal candidate to job requirements and company. The respondents were a combination of people from the recruiting industry as well as representatives of Fortune 500 companies and emerging businesses.


The responses confirmed that there are solid interview questions that when used appropriately can open windows to get clearer images of a candidate’s talents and capabilities:

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