About Mike Lejeune

Mike Lejeune

Based in Houston, Mike Lejeune has a passion for developing tomorrow’s leaders. Mike delivers keynote addresses, workshops, courses and retreats designed to enhance leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, culture shaping and communications.


With over 25 years as a leader in the executive search industry, Mike served as President of Steverson & Company, one of the top search firms in Texas specializing in accounting finance, corporate administration, and information technology serving Fortune 500 corporations, Big 4 accounting firms, and rapidly emerging privately held companies.


He has presented workshops across the US, Canada, and South Africa. Each keynote, workshop and consulting project Mike leads focuses on reasons that today’s workforce becomes disenfranchised and offers techniques and strategies industry champions use to lead high performing organizations. His programs address the how-to for building sound engagement techniques and more importantly, challenges the “why” behind approaches and strategies to offer new windows into current day business solutions.


Mike is the author of the highly regarded blog, Lighting the Path, and, along with his daughter, Nikki, is the co-author of the award-winning book, A Father’s Love-The Generational Bridge That Changes Hearts Forever. Mike is also the host of the Podcast series Leadership Strategies for Tomorrow’s Leaders where he discusses leadership principles with nationally renowned experts. Mike has served as President of the National Speakers Association President, and is on the Executive Board of Outback Texas Ministries. He holds the national certification of Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS).  



Overcoming Struggles

Mike has clashed with perseverance all his life, starting with his small hometown in Louisiana. Like many at a young age, the highs and lows of team sports began cultivating a thirst for achievement in Mike.


His biggest brush with perseverance, however, was without a doubt overcoming long-term agoraphobia (panic attacks). After struggling for years, Mike found his breakthrough atop a 50-foot pole in a ropes course, with his daughter below him shouting, “You can do it, Daddy. You can do it!”


Like many of us, his struggles helped him find his faith, master his abilities and uncover his passions, but most significantly for Mike, they have inspired him to help others do the same.



Professional Accolades & Personal Life

Mike Lejeune served as President of Steverson & Company, one of the leading executive search firms in Texas specializing in accounting finance, corporate administration and information technology. Clients include Fortune 500 corporations and rapidly emerging privately held companies. Mike has also served on the board of directors as President of the Texas Association of Personnel Services and President of the National Speakers Association. He has been recognized numerous times for his contribution to the staffing industry.


A southern Louisiana native, today Mike lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Tommie, their dogs PeneLynn and Crystal Leigh. His daughter, Nikki, is a graduate of Texas A&M’s vet school, and she is currently a veterinarian in McAllen, Texas. He is active in his local church and Outback America, and is passionate about family relationships.



  • Certified Employee Retention Specialist – CERS
  • Certified Personnel Consultant – CPC
  • Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist – CTS



Interesting Facts About Mike:

  • He worked as a Chef in Louisiana before becoming a professional recruiter.
  • At the age of 42, Mike decided to learn to play the drums. Within five years of first picking up the drum sticks, he was playing for his local church’s praise band, performing in an orchestra for the musical production of Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar and performing with Grande Texas, a Texas swing cajun band. Additionally, Mike played hand drums (djembe, bongo, conga) and a variety of noisemakers for the contemporary service at Houston’s First Baptist Church.
  • While in college, Mike sold books door to door in the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Mike, along with his daughter Nikki, both published the book titled A Father’s Love: The Generational Bridge that Changes Hearts Forever.
  • He loves growing citrus trees in his orchard. Or, as it’s also referred to – a lemon and tangerine bush in his front yard!
  • Mike’s two Pomeranians, PennyLynn and Crystal Leigh, have more job security in his home than he does.
  • Mike loves seeing the world on a cruise ship. His favorite places are Italy and Greece!
  • First car: 25 year old 1946 Plymouth Coupe called ‘The Bomb’ and was painted his school colors of orange and blue.
  • In his early years, Mike thought about being an astronaut. However, that dream came with two draw backs: at the age of 13, he grew to 6’4” and couldn’t fit in the capsule…and, he was afraid of heights.
  • Mike was one of only two to make his high school basketball team as a Freshman. Pointy elbows help one rebound when you are made of more bone than muscle!



Tommie & Mike in Rome

Mike and his wife, Tommie

Mike and his wife, Tommie make sure to laugh every day. Both of them love to two-step, waltz and spend time together playing in the kitchen. She constantly beats Mike at domino’s but that’s okay because he takes her in Texas Hold’em Poker every time! Mike is proud of the fact that he married his business partner and best friend. On his wedding day, Mike’s dad told him that he was the smartest man he knew. When asked about his wife, Mike states that “Tommie sees me the way God created me to be, she makes me want to stretch way beyond what I believe at times, is possible.”





Mike with his daughter, Nikki.





Mike’s daughter, Nikki is a graduate of the veterinarian school at Texas A&M. The first words he ever spoke to her when the doctor placed her in his hands were, “How could anyone not believe there is a God?”




What Mike Believes:

  • Everyone has unique gifts that when stretched, these will blossom into amazing talent. 
  • Growth cannot exist without discomfort.
  • Our journey will only be revealed one door at a time. What we tackle today becomes the key to the door of success that tomorrow brings.
  • We are made to laugh. Fun laughs, like the kind the makes milk snort out of our noses.
  • As adults, we learn best when we laugh (excluding when milk is coming out of our noses) and mimicking success patterns of others.
  • There is someone whose life is waiting to be drastically changed by your existence. They won’t be found if you are sitting still.