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Lighting the Path helps executives and leaders engage, retain, and ignite top performers through:

  • Leadership training
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Who is Mike Lejeune?

Mike Lejeune is a leadership training expert, speaker, facilitator, executive coach, master of ceremonies, and award-winning author known for his ability to help organizations select, engage and empower top-tier talent and minimize turnover through proven retention strategies.

Mike is widely recognized as one of the leading voices on high-performance leadership strategies, with more than 25 years of experience in building award-winning teams. His ability to inspire and motivate, to help attendees look at the ordinary in extraordinary ways, has made him a favorite with corporate executives, managers, and business owners. He delivers practical application from real-world, in-the-trenches experience with humor, great stories, and a keen ability to extract timeless truths from everyday experiences in each presentation.

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Jacob Galecki

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mike as my coach for the last year.  During this time, I have gained considerable clarity on what I want for my business and my clients.  Mike challenges my thinking, pushes me to achieve more, and draws the best out of me.  Coaching is about making good great,…

Jacob Galecki Galecki Search Associates

Young woman holding EQuip to Lead book in front of her face

EQuip to Lead

The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Intelligence

If you want greater influence at work, if you want to be the leader people want to work with and follow, there is no more valuable resource than EQuip to Lead. Filled with real-world insights for increasing awareness of your own strengths and blind spots, you are guided with practical, immediately applicable techniques for engaging, coaching or even challenging co-workers.


Here’s what people are saying about EQuip to Lead…

“EQuip to Lead is a must-read for all leaders, aspiring leaders and, for anyone who wishes to develop, nurture and grow their Emotional Intelligence. Engaging and Inspiring!”

Jacqueline A. Hinds, Certified EQ Coach, Founder Society of Emotional Intelligence International UK & Europe

Any leader who wants to thrive needs to read, study, and apply this book.  Emotional intelligence separates the good leaders – and bosses – from the great.  Mike and Thecia nail the critical elements for helping your organization achieve your most lofty goals.” 

Jane Atkinson, Speaker Launcher, Author of Wealthy Speaker 2.0 – Toronto, Canada

“If you want greater influence at work, if you want to be the leader people want to work with and follow, there is no more valuable resource than EQuip to Lead. Your future self will thank you for this life-changing, career-enhancing experience making it possible for you to achieve a level of leadership success better than you have imagined possible.” 

Rob Pennington, Ph.D., psychologist, award-winning speaker, and author of “Find the Upside of the Down Times” – Houston, Texas

“What immediately grabbed me about EQuip to Lead is how easy it is to read.  It has a personal, intimate style with plenty of anecdotes, and it doesn’t attempt to over-analyze or bombard the reader with excessive information. Landmines appear daily in the field of healthy connection to self and others. EQuip to Lead may be our best tool to flourish in this tricky landscape.” 

Brian Coffman, Vice President hrQ Inc. – Sugar Land, Texas

“EQuip to Lead is a powerful book, packed full of content, and served in a manner of direct application, storytelling, and deep author experience… Anger Management, Fear, and the Power of What If threw me out of my comfort zone and into massive leadership reflection and direct application. If you want content, motivation, and specific strategies to implement, this is the book for you.”

Curt Tueffert, VP Sales Development, DXP Enterprises – Houston, Texas

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