Take your skills and talent to the next level


Take your skills and talent to the next level

March 24, 2022

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mike as my coach for the last year.  During this time, I have gained considerable clarity on what I want for my business and my clients.  Mike challenges my thinking, pushes me to achieve more, and draws the best out of me.  Coaching is about making good great, and in that, Mike has helped me achieve results now that I thought would be years down the road.  The best part is that he approaches all of this from a place of profound love and caring.  I am a better businessman and a better person because of Mike.

Coaching Session


Sessions are customized for your specific skill and talent level, designed to help you make the next jump. Topics may include breaking barriers that limit performance, building strategic plans with action steps, developing marketing strategies, training plans to develop your team, how to run effective meetings (team as well as one on one), holding people accountable, time management strategies to maximize productivity. Includes a Behavioural Assessment Everything DiSC® Management, Everything DiSC® Sales, Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict, or Everything DiSC Workplace®.

All Coaching Courses Includes:

  • Mondays with Mike
  • Message to start the week
  • Access to the vault
  • Discounted fee for any public virtual events I host
  • Guest speakers

Leadership Mastermind

2nd Wednesday each month | 1.5 hours
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The Lighting the Path Leadership Mastermind Group is a monthly 90-minute opportunity for Owners, Officers, and Managers to connect, facilitated by Mike Lejeune and includes a personal coaching session with Mike. connect with us each month for 1 ½ hours as we wrestle with today’s pressure points in running high-production recruiting and staffing businesses. Only those in a leadership role will be allowed in this group.

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