Recruiter/Business Development Coaching Club

1st Wednesday of the month


$495 Annual


$49 Monthly


Recruiter session 1 hour


Mike reaches all the way to South Africa. How he connects with us, keeps people engaged!


Work on objection rebuttals, scripts for recruiting/business development, candidate and client management (notice I didn’t say “control”), brainstorm on sourcing strategies, ways to execute daily plans.


Recruiter Coaching Club – Monthly


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Recruiter Coaching Club – Annual


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Leadership Mastermind

2nd Wednesday of the month


$750 Annual


$79 Monthly


Leadership session 1.5 hours

Personal coaching session with Mike


Jill Hickman shares why you should join!


Leadership Mastermind – Monthly


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Leadership Mastermind – Annual


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One on One Personalized Power Coaching Program


Contact Mike to learn more about the program


Customized to get you to what your next level is to grow your desk or grow your team. Sessions are customized for your specific skill and talent level. Topics we’ve covered in the past include breaking barriers that limit performance, building strategic plans with action steps, developing marketing strategies, training plans to develop your team, how to run effective meetings (team as well as one on one), holding people accountable, time management strategies to maximize productivity.


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Includes a personality assessment DiSC for Managers, DiSC for Sales, DiSC for Conflict, or DiSC for Workplace.


All of the above include:


  • Mondays with Mike
  • Message to start the week
  • Access to the vault
  • Discounted fee for any public virtual events I host
  • Guest speakers

One of the great things I learned from the pandemic is the importance of community. It’s why I decided to create opportunities for search and staffing Recruiters or Owner/Managers to connect.


I’ve crafted monthly gatherings to come together with 3 components.


I’ll share insights on a topic specific to the recruiting industry to sharpen your saw. We’ll discuss objection rebuttals, scripts for recruiting/business development, candidate and client management (notice I didn’t say “control”), brainstorm on sourcing strategies, ways to not just craft daily plans but strategies on how to make sure you can execute them.


What’s different is that I won’t be the only one speaking. We’re forming a community, a network of people who are committed to growth and consistency. There will be time for open-floor discussion and small group interaction (using Zoom breakout rooms). This will be a highly interactive environment, not a traditional webinar setting with talking heads and PowerPoint decks.


Third, I’m inviting guest speakers to join us each quarter who are considered the best of the best on a variety of topics. You’ll get exposure to some of the top minds in recruiting and leadership.


Owner/Managers sessions are built as a Master Mind community. Instead of devoting a half or full day, you will connect each month for 1 ½ hours as we wrestle with today’s pressure points in running high production recruiting and staffing businesses. Only those in a leadership role will be allowed in this group.


Recruiters will gather the first Wednesday each month, Owner/Managers the second Wednesday.


There is no other setting like this in our industry. Clients have referred to my presentation style as a Master Facilitator. This unique setting is a chance to gather with others as we have in the past. Now you can do so without leaving your office.


I invite you to be a part of this special community.