Get the attention of highly sought-after candidates


Get the attention of highly sought-after candidates

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Recruiting & Business Development Training

Get the attention of key Decision Makers and highly sought-after Candidates so you can stand out!

Whether you have been in the Recruiting industry for less than 2 years, or you are a seasoned veteran who recognizes the need to constantly sharpen your tools, working with Mike can greatly impact your career. The quintessential combination of technique, strategy, and attitude that pushes performance to new levels. Mike’s interactive training sessions with hot seats and small group interaction creates an environment for everyone to be involved.

What to Expect After Training

After working with Mike, you’ll walk away with a powerful toolkit that includes:

  • Strategies on marrying technology with the “personal touch” that skyrockets your productivity and helps you fall in love with your career all over again!
  • Powerful scripts for truly connecting with more people, opening the door to search assignments and candidate referrals
  • Techniques you can use to stand out in the crowded marketplace
  • The simple secret for getting your clients to fall in love with your candidates
  • Blueprints to maximize each day for game-changing performance

When I attended Mike’s seminar in Texas, I had gone 10 months without producing a cent with my business. After leaving Mike’s seminar, I placed 4 candidates in a matter of 4-6 weeks, generating over $50,000.00 of income for my company.

[Mike’s] pricing is more than fair and your ROI is going to be through the roof. Thanks for everything, Mike!


Managing Partner, National Recruiting Network

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