After my mom, Carrie, passed away at the end of April, it shocked the system. It sent me into a very reflective state, trying to process this new season. Her absence created a sense of uncertainty for the future that I’ve never experienced before in this manner. Consider this as you weigh whatever season you are facing.


Seasons in Life


Seasons in life. In my time of reflection, I look back on my “seasons.” This is a new season for me. Its newness causes discomfort as I am filled with uncertainty of the future.


Yet hasn’t every season been filled with uncertainty? Each time I took a next step:


  • To walk I wobbled…till I could run.
  • To go to school each new grade was a step into what I didn’t know but could learn. 12th grade I knew more than 1st.
  • The nervousness of holding hands before the depth of my heart could truly be felt…and shared.
  • The first errant dribble before the grace of a long basketball shot swishing the net.
  • Growing from Bread Boy to Chef.
  • From telephone canvasser to business owner.
  • From fumbling ‘Dad’ stories created from the uncertainty of how to best provide and protect Nikki, that began with her first breath, and now has led us publishing our new book “A Father’s Love”.

I know I’ve left out steps that mark my journey. Today’s step is simply another season as I learn, better yet, as God reveals to me what He wants me to know, to do.


Today is only another season in time. He gives me the the freedom to choose how I will experience, how I will celebrate His love and will.


Do I dread today…or relish its possibilities?