Podcast Episode 4 Jill Hickman and Mike Lejeune

If the thought of building a strategic plan makes your eyes glaze over, welcome to the club. Harvard Business Review has a library of articles on the importance and how to’s of building a strategic plan. Yet, I’ve found most approaches stay in the realm of concept without implementation at an operating level. Until I met Jill.


I still vividly remember when I first saw our next guest Jill Hickman in action. She was facilitating a Board of Directors retreat that I had been a part of and I was amazed by the way she created synergy and wrangled naysayers and outliers and developed this vibrant energy. The reason why I wanted her to be a guest on our show is because strategic planning is a gift for her. But more importantly, it is her process to move it from the vague, feel-good event to a key part of a tactical executable plan.


The term strategic planning for many people causes their eyes to roll towards the back of their head because people get caught up in meetings and discussions don’t come out with anything that is executable. For more than 20 years, the Jill Hickman Company has been providing coaching and consulting services to executive leaders, creating corporate universities and facilitating strategic planning retreats for teams and Boards. Jill’s extensive corporate background spans both public and private sectors from small startup firms to Fortune 500 companies, including those in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and business services. Her entrepreneurial spirit has built an amazing company with a global reach.


In this episode:

  • Why Strategic Plans matter
  • Putting feet to a plan so it matters
  • Demystify the strategic planning process
  • Traps that submarine the plan


Jill’s Contact Info:

Jill Hickman, president

Jill Hickman Companies


(281) 358-8580


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