Attention is currently being placed on the selection of our next Supreme Court Justice. Hopefully congressional review will provide the necessary insight to pick the right person for the job. Our interview process is similar, trying to ask meaningful questions to unveil the inner most thoughts and ambitions of candidates we run through our vetting process. Hopefully the successful Supreme Court candidate will triumph in their responses better than the one’s our survey produced…


“What are your top 3 strengths?”

“200 deadlift, 400 legs, and Bon Jovi karaoke.”

Can’t wait to get this one on the Company Culture team.


“What do you consider to be your weaknesses?”

“I don’t have any weaknesses.”

This respondent has been reading too many Marvel Comics and considers themselves as a cast member for the Avengers.


In response to an employer’s questions….

“Why, that’s none of your business! Hey Fella- I think that’s illegal, what is the spelling of your name, I am going to report you.”

Time to call HR…and security.


“I have a cabbage in my car.”

Wish they shared the question that inspired this gem…


“Greatest difficulty faced?”

The candidate responded with overcoming their divorce and informing me just a bit too much about their ex-wife, just a bit.


When asking a candidate why she was leaving her position she responded that:

Her employer (small business) throws things when he is angry. She was done the day the mustard and the hamburger landed in the back of her head.


In response to what their ideal job would be:

“Something where I don’t have to work too hard.”

Honesty can be hard to swallow sometimes.


I don’t have the bar set too high for the questioning process our elected leaders may use to get a clear image through their crystal ball.


Here are some examples of an employer trying really hard to find the magic pearl that tells whether or not to invite someone to join the family.


We asked “What is the weirdest interview question you’ve ever been asked?”


Questions that were deemed too personal scored high on the weird meter.


“Do you mind physical affection in the workplace?”

Later they found out the owner was a boisterous hugger.


“I’m thinking of changing the color of my hair, what do you think?”

Unless the role is for a hair stylist… 


“With brothers and sisters, where did you fit in the family? Tell me about your home life.”

“On a scale of 1-10, where are you compared to your friends in terms of success at this point?”

What we deal with at home can spill over to work. However, we trip the weird meter when we stray from questions related to work performance.


“Do you mind if we walk down to my car?

This one is down right scary…


“Skittles or M&M’s?”

“What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?”

Wondered what response opened the window to determine Freudian impulses.


“Which personality do you more align with in pop culture?”

Sting, Justin Timberlake…Justin Bieber or one of the Kardashians…while the question could be very revealing, it’s just plain weird.


“If you were an animal – what animal would you be?”

I’ve seen this question surface at different times over the years. The response someone is looking for would be a lion, race horse, shark that would create a different impression than a rabbit, turtle or snake. Different version would be to ask your preference to what tree you would be. A towering oak…or a weeping willow.


“If you were a car…”

Lambergini, Prisus, Smart Car, LandRover, Jaguar. Same category as above. Still perceived as high on the weird factor.


One respondent shared questions asked of the Interviewer by Candidates
  1. “How tall are you?”

  2. “You’re not from around here, are you?”

  3. “Do you swing?”

  4. “So, how much do you make, you know, in an average year?”

#3 should keep HR up all night…


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