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Mike Lejeune



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Guiding leaders to generate huge results – better selection, more engagement, increased retention, and higher productivity.

Who Is Mike Lejeune?


Mike Lejeune is a leadership training expert, speaker, facilitator, executive coach, master of ceremonies, and award-winning author known for his ability to help organizations select, engage and empower top-tier talent and minimize turnover through proven retention strategies.


Mike is widely recognized as one of the leading voices on high-performance leadership strategies, with more than 25 years experience in building award-winning teams. His ability to inspire and motivate, to help attendees look at the ordinary in extraordinary ways, has made him a favorite with corporate executives, managers, and business owners. He delivers practical application from real-world, in-the-trenches experience with humor, great stories, and a keen ability to extract timeless truths from everyday experiences in each presentation.


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What Others Are Saying

Every time I hear Mike speak I am impressed with his uncanny ability to make learning effortless. Through his gift of storytelling I have watched him mesmerize audiences all over the country. If you want a speaker that knows the business, understands how to teach the business, and relates well to any group, you want Mike Lejeune for your next event.

– Patricia Noel Drain, CPC, CIPC, President of Corporate Search Group and author of Hire Me: Secrets of Job Interviewing

Mike is one of only a handful of speakers I have heard who truly crosses over, who after touching your heart, moves up to your brain and gives you the words that will come out of your mouth and lead you where you’re meant to be.

– Danny Cahill, President, CPC Hobson & Associates, Cahill Consulting


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