Dr. Rob Pennington is an Award-Winning Professional Speaker and Author of an amazing book, Find The Upside of the Down Times. He has a rare gift of cracking barriers we fight to reduce conflict, anxiety and stress, and helps people raise their expectations to see what they are truly capable of.


Rob is the Co-Founder of Resource International, an organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching group.  One of his many programs Successfully Managing the Stress of Change and Successful Work Relationships which has become standard “flagship trainings” in some of the largest organizations in the country.


In this episode, he shares:

  • How to engage people in the middle of change
  • Managing stress, Wrestling with conflict
  • Release the baggage for stronger communication
  • Helping to process emotions is more than a soft skill
  • Helping leaders process anger


Resource International co-founder, Dr. Rob Pennington, is an educational psychologist who specializes in improving the performance of leaders and teams through a balance of authority and collaboration. Trained through the National Training Laboratory (NTL) in organizational development in the early 70’s and a former faculty member of three universities, Dr. Pennington’s decades of research and experience support organizations in developing executives who can successfully lead massive change. His extensive work with CEOs and their Leadership Teams allows him to efficiently produce more effective results than might otherwise be achieved, always with an eye on the bottom-line and the ROI of his engagements.


In his award-winning autobiographical self-help book, Find the Upside of the Down Times: How To Turn Your Worst Experiences into Your Best Opportunities (Amazon & Kindle), Dr. Pennington provides readers with insights and tools to turn life’s challenges into opportunities for growth and even blessings. He shares his own very personal journey of survival and discovery after some of the biggest challenges life can throw.


Website: http://drrobpennington.com

Products: http://drrobpennington.com/get-access


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Transcription of the podcast: Episode 2 Transcription – Dr. Rob Pennington


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