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Learn a top recruiter’s best-kept secrets for finishing FIRST!




How do you get the attention of key Decision Makers and highly sought after Candidates so you can stand out and be seen as the Game Changer?


It is the combination of technique, strategy, and attitude that pushes performance to new levels.




“Game Changing Strategies for Doubling Your Income”

Recruiting and Business Development Training Curriculum

Business development to break production barriers

– What to say, building the story, who to target

How to Skill Market super performers

The 20-minute first interview – maximum information, minimum time

Developing your desk into a lead generating machine

Targeted Recruiting to fill searches/assignments and build your network

– Seven steps to guarantee success in your recruiting calls

Strategic planning that generates search assignments, recruits, interviews, and placements

What if they say… Overcoming Objections

How to maximize reference checks

“Is it Feedback or Closing?”

– Close more deals by becoming the trusted advisor for your candidates and clients.

– Feedback that builds trust and gains clarity in the decision-making process

Prepping your candidates to kill it in interviews to give them a competitive advantage

Deliver Power Presentations that generate interviews

How to drastically increase your technical knowledge in 10 calls

Discussing Comp/Offers to close the deal

Managing the Counter Offer process

The secret to becoming indispensable with your clients with every search assignment

Mike gets to the heart of what our industry is today by bringing new, current techniques to strategies and approaches that have always been the foundation of our business. It was the most relevant training program I’ve been to in years.

Ann Blyth, The Liberty Group


After working with Mike, you’ll walk away with a powerful toolkit that includes:

  • Strategies on marrying technology with the “personal touch” that skyrockets your productivity and helps you fall in love with your career all over again!
  • Techniques you can use to stand out in the crowded marketplace
  • Powerful scripts for truly connecting with more people, opening the door to search assignments and candidate referrals
  • The simple secret for getting your clients to fall in love with your candidates
  • Blueprints to maximize each day for game-changing performance

Whether you have been in the Recruiting industry for less than 2 years or you are a seasoned veteran who recognizes the need to constantly sharpen your tools, working with Mike can greatly impact your career. The quintessential combination of technique, strategy, and attitude that pushes performance to new levels. Mike’s interactive training sessions with hot seats and small group interaction creates an environment for everyone to be involved.


Keynote: The Million Dollar Recruiter: How the Top 1% Think and Act

Are high flying recruiters who generate over a million dollars in search fees just wired differently? As part of a research project on leading high performing teams, Mike Lejeune, president of Lighting the Path Training met with industry-leading professionals who consistently break the $1,000,000 barrier to better understand their secret sauce. What he discovered was all share similar traits that are not caused by DNA but rather consistent techniques and strategies. It is the combination of how they act and think that generates world-class results. This high energy, interactive program challenges your thinking and provides a roadmap to the methods and mindset that produces breakthrough performance.


The Journey from Order-Taker to Consultant

As an industry, we have long desired to be a trusted advisor or consultant to clients and candidates. Yet, does our process create the wrong image, positioning us as order takers and turning our business into a commodity? Mike will put a magnifying glass on key stages in the placement process to uncover where our words and actions become trustbusters and create the wrong image.


Mike’s stories and examples are great! The participants all stayed engaged throughout the entire presentation because of the interactive participation and intriguing stories!

Ian Sander


What we hear, we forget. What we see, we remember. What we do, we understand.



Mike’s Clients Include:

  • National Association of Personnel Services
  • The Personnel Consulting Group
  • The Meador Companies
  • Jill Hickman Companies
  • Soliant Healthcare
  • California Association of Personnel Services
  • Tech USA
  • Global Recruiters Network (GRN)
  • Texas Association of Staffing
  • The FBI Academy
  • CanCare
  • American Payroll Association
  • DXP Canada
  • DAV South Africa
  • University of Houston
  • Wisconsin Association of Personnel Services
  • TFI Resources
  • Houston Area Association of Personnel Services
  • Executive Search Owners Association (ESOA) DFW
  • Nearterm Corporation
  • JDA Professional Search
  • Coastal Flow
  • Association of Canadian Consulting and Employment Search Services
  • Texas Association of Personnel Consultants
  • Lorman Education Services
  • Clear Law Learning Institute