Vision & Engagement. Two words that are discussed in board rooms across the country.  Driving any organization requires both, and are the key catalysts Gregg Matte uses to lead one of the largest and fastest-growing church organizations in the country. He challenges those who choose to follow to look at their role at work and home through the eyes of being a Difference Maker, which is the title of his must-read book. As the senior pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church, under his leadership, this historic church founded in 1841 has moved to the cutting edge of ministry and experienced tremendous growth.


Before coming to Houston in 2004, Gregg founded Breakaway Ministries at Texas A&M University starting with 12 participants in his apartment, and grew to a weekly gathering of more than 4,000 students each Tuesday night under his leadership. Along with Difference Makers (2019), Gregg is the author of Finding God’s Will (2010), I AM Changes Who i Am (2012), Unstoppable Gospel (2015).



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