Rescue helicopter at sea


Navy Seals are one of our country’s elite fighting forces, called on to conduct missions in some of the most harrowing situations and circumstances. The challenges they face are beyond the mental comprehension of mere mortals like ourselves. Their success relies on making sure each team member has a clear understanding of what is needed to accomplish their part of the mission. Then once the action begins, each moves forward with a “forward thinking focus”. Every step is focused on moving the mission forward no matter the obstacle, asking themselves “what must I do at this moment to complete the mission, to achieve the objective?”


Do we prepare a game plan to insure we start each day with a “mission ready” attitude?


What if each day you started with a clear “mission critical” game plan?


Know that today obstacles will arise that require a “forward thinking focus.” In times of conflict with the enemy, the Seals maintain a keen focus on moving the mission forward at all costs. The Seals hone their body to be capable of withstanding extreme physical and mental obstacles. Success is achieved through three elements: physical, mental and emotional control.


Are you willing to ask “is the action I am doing now driving me forward or simply relieving tension by reading email, sharing war stories of the bad call, going for another cup of coffee? Am I focused at this moment on the step to take me where I want to go, need to go?” Our days are not filled with great leaps but rather a series of steps. Steps that if we choose wisely take us toward our dreams.


Or is my mind focused on the voice that questions my ability, which points me to conflict instead of resolution, that steers me toward the lack of fairness instead of taking personal action for the results I want to achieve? My success today will center on thoughts that moves me forward, not anchored by past battles. What I achieve today will be influenced by my ability to not be controlled by negative emotions of fear, anxiety, jealousy, hatred or anger. My mission today will be fueled by filling my tank with compassion, concern, joy, hope and love.


The people we connect with today are part of the conditioning process that increases our ability to produce both short term and long range results. The more we reach out to the market, the stronger we become. Does your game plan include the calls you need to make, steps to move a project or serve a client to insure you are in shape not only today to accomplish what you are after, but also prepares you for what you will need to accomplish tomorrow?

Climb the mountain God has placed in front of you. Be ready for today’s mission, focusing your attention, attitude, and action forward.




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