I joined Steverson & Company to change the world of recruiting. Asked to start up a new division with just a desk, phone and computer sounded invigorating. After only 10 weeks I found myself blessed with a ton of job openings to fill. End of the day, Tommie Steverson (yes the same Tommie who eventually became my wife) walked by and asked how my business development calls went. Trying to mask the overwhelming frustration that was building up, the question poured out without much of a filter. “Do you want me to make calls to find new business or calls to fill the business I have?” That seemed to be a very rational response in spite of how irrational I thought her question was.


Tommie looked at me and brought forth her wonderful gift with finding just the right words to inspire and lift…




Then she turned and walked out of the room.


I was asking the wrong question. Step one was shifting the word from “or” to “and”. My question was limiting options that may be available, sequestering potential avenues I might be able to explore. Then adding the word “how” to the beginning of the sentence had dramatic impact.


The question now became “How do I make business development calls and recruiting calls?” Then the most amazing thing happened. Ideas started flooding into my mind on how to set my day, who could I call to achieve both purposes, maximizing effort. I learned that the mind is created to answer the questions we pose it. It is a problem-solving machine.


Today we are in problem-solving mode in ways we’ve never been before. I find myself consciously aware that subconsciously I’m asking myself the wrong questions as I attempt to craft new directions for myself and my clients. The swirl of what is perceived as information but in reality is prognosticators predicting what may happen pushes our brains toward protection mode. Potential obstacles are perceived as reality even though they have not happened.


I’m not advocating that we need to put our heads in the sand. My point is that we need to open our minds to what we want to accomplish by stretching ourselves to do more in a period of perceptions of limitations.


This is not a lesson on multi-tasking. Studies have proven the impact of intense focus on singe objectives of highest importance producing increased results. (See blog on Micro Blocks https://lightingthepath.net/can-you-create-energy/). What I am suggesting is when faced with selecting avenues to pursue, especially as time gets squeezed, consider that you may be creating, as I have, your own limitations.


What questions are you asking yourself today? Are they fear-based, designed to protect you from the possibility of not achieving a desired outcome? Consider if they are designed to narrow your scope or broaden your vision.


Your mind goes where you send it. What journey do you want it to take? What vistas do you want it to see?