Leadership Is More Than Technical Competence… It’s A People Business

Podcast - Episode 17

Terri Ivers has worked for a number of world-renowned engineering and construction companies and has over 35 years of extensive international project and business management experience in the global energy sector. He is now currently serving as the President of Bilfinger North America leading the charge to help build a global engineering services company.


Terri began his career at Brown & Root, where he developed a comprehensive and extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry during his 27 years with the company. He retired in 2004 as KBR Officer and Vice President of Global Offshore Engineering. From 2004 to 2007, he served as the Chief Operating Officer of Alliance Wood Group Engineering. In 2007 until 2011, he served as President of AMEC Paragon, Inc. and was responsible for Natural Resources Americas’ oil and gas operations. Then from 2011 to 2013, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Oil and Gas, Compression and Solutions Business Unit for Siemens. In this role, Terri was responsible for global compression manufacturing and oil and gas business solutions from hubs in Germany, Norway, Singapore, Brazil, China, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

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Answering the Question of Leading Work-Life Balance

Podcast - Episode 16

Many CEOs and executives aspire but struggle to achieve a work/life balance. With the majority of them working more than 60 hours a week on average, creating a divide between business and personal matters can be near impossible.


The pursuit of this phenomenon can induce a lot of stress and guilt, which is why Ari Rastegar, CEO of Rastegar Property, has found the ultimate solution–merging his work and personal lives. Since founding Rastegar Property, Ari has grown the company through building an environment that attracts high performing talent, driven at work and at home.

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Building a Culture of Being Difference Makers!

Podcast - Episode 15

Vision & Engagement. Two words that are discussed in board rooms across the country.  Driving any organization requires both, and are the key catalysts Gregg Matte uses to lead one of the largest and fastest-growing church organizations in the country. He challenges those who choose to follow to look at their role at work and home through the eyes of being a Difference Maker, which is the title of his must-read book. As the senior pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church, under his leadership, this historic church founded in 1841 has moved to the cutting edge of ministry and experienced tremendous growth.

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Shaping Culture Like a Professional Sports Team

Podcast - Episode 14

Standing on the steps waiting for my car, I turned to my left and found myself standing next to Jamey Rootes, President of the Houston Texans. I summed up the courage to introduce myself and ask if he would be open to sharing his thoughts on what it took to engage top-performing people. I figured that someone leading a professional sports organization would have insight on leading exceptional talent. Jamey smiled and graciously invited me to visit his office. That was the first C Suite leadership interview I conducted, and one that I have referred to most often in programs I’ve conducted on developing world-class leadership strategies.


The Houston Texans organization embraces the word IMPACT:

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Is Data Driving Your Sales Talent?

Podcast - Episode 13

Podcast Artwork - C. Lee Smith

Today, growing your business takes more than the gift of selling ice cubes to Eskimos. A huge disruptor in the market is developing an effective data management process that creates direction and energy.

C. Lee Smith President/CEO of SalesFuel® – a multi-million dollar company based in Columbus, Ohio that provides Internet-based applications for sales development to media properties and advertising agencies. He shares strategies on moving from shotgun to laser beam focus in the sales process.

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The Success Within

Podcast - Episode 12

Podcast Artwork - David Neagle

David is an internationally recognized success coach, author of The Millions Within and host of The Successful Mind podcast. He’s worked alongside Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Mark Victor Hansen and has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to become 7-figure business owners. He’s been featured recently in EntrepreneurCNBC, and more for his business expertise.


In September of 1989, what was supposed to be a rare relaxing day with family cruising down the Illinois River in a roomy boat, quickly turned into a nightmare… David Neagle was pulled deep into the gates of a dam that shredded his flesh, broke his back, and nearly drowned him. No one expected him to survive the accident, and rescue workers even told his family he was already dead.


What happened instead is

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How Do You Unlock Success?

Podcast - Episode 11 & Blog

Podcast Artwork - David Alexander

No matter what your productivity has been year-to-date, the last months of 2019 will define your productivity. It can be filled with great achievement, momentum-building activities to finish the year strong and lay groundwork for launching 2020. Are you focused on the key results you want to achieve? Are you committed to making them a reality? Are you willing to grade how successful you were? That was one of the biggest steps I have hesitantly taken. Looking at my top five objectives then rating whether I would give myself an A, B, C… you get the point. Now at the end of the day, my wife Tommie will sometimes ask 

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The Success Formula That Separates Leaders From The Pack

Podcast - Episode 10

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a primetime television host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and Executive Perspectives on C-Suite TV, and business podcast host The HERO Factor Podcast on C-Suite Radio. He is a global business celebrity, speaker, best-selling author, and Chairman of C-Suite Network, home of the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders. Hayzlett is a well-traveled public speaker, former Fortune 100 CMO, and author of numerous best-selling business books including: The Hero Factor; How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures, Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless, Running the Gauntlet and The Mirror Test.


Hayzlett is one of the most compelling figures in business today and is in five business hall of fames including Speaker Hall of Fame, Sales and Marketing Executives, Business Marketing Hall of Fame, Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, and the Industry Award of Distinction from the National Association of Quick Printers.


As a leading business expert, Hayzlett is frequently cited in

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